About Us

Sasha Bella, LLC's (creator of Brobows) mission is to build a brand which makes fashion functional, brings manufacturing back to America through its network of independent seamstresses across the USA, and to give back to those in need--Build, Grow, Give is its motto.  

The company is a charity committed, local Maryland small business creating multi-functional accessories that use innovative earth magnetic technology to allow you to wear each piece however and wherever you imagine!  Men are lovable with our hand-made, US Patent and Trademark patented product Brobows.  With Brobows, Sasha Bella, LLC makes southern charm accessible to all men of the family by providing them the first ever 007 snappable, pocketable magnetic bow tie! 

The company seeks to create products that are functional and enable people to get dressed faster so they have more time with family and friends. We hope our products and our unique ability to personalize will make it possible for you to create special moments with others.

We believe life is how you design it, so start snapping, be gorgeous, and give back with Sasha Bella, LLC.

Please contact us with your questions or wholesale inquiries!

Watch how Brobow works and creates value for young men: