Wholesale Brobows

We are in stores across the U.S. and would be grateful for the opportunity to work with you. We are also in a permanent showroom in Atlanta and are continuously adding locations, contact us if you need more information.  

Reasons to Wholesale Brobows:

    • Our magnetic bow ties sell better than any other bow ties in stores
    • Our smart close patented magnetic bows offers customers a unique look without the fuss
    • Our fabrics are designed and printed in U.S.A.
    • We color match any of our prints to your shirt collections for free, so you increase sales of both items
    We offer a set Wholesale Line Sheet Collection that covers Fall/Holiday and Spring/Summer. Please see our line sheet available here:


    After selecting your items, download and fill out our order form with the line sheet items of your choice!  You can snap a shot of your completed form and text it to Sasha at 202-997-2626 or email it to sasha@sasha-bella.com.  

    Soon we will open a wholesale accounts section of this website to make it easier for you to make your transactions. 

    Examples of our color matching abilities:

    Our in store displays include instructions for easy selling:

    Contact us to start selling Brobows in your stores. We look forward to working with you!