Weddings and Events

Are you planning a wedding or a group event?  Customize your Brobows for all members of your party and show up with style.

Brobows make excellent customized senior class gifts, wedding favors, groomsman bow ties, high school sport team away-game attire (their magnets will snap to any locker), glee club uniforms, etc, because they are easy, fun, and allow folks to 'get it on faster' and focus on what's important. Imagine your family and friends wearing personalized Brobows, creating lasting impressions with every glance.

Personalize with special colors, names, initials, symbols, dates, jersey numbers, etc. or create a custom design, like above.  Add as many monograms to each Brobow as you'd like or request us to make you a custom design. Your group order can be all the same or different -- the possibilities are endless. Feel free to describe to your heart's content how your Brobows can be made perfect and we'll take care of you. Just say yes!

To get started, please submit your order form with all of your information and we will get in touch with you in 24 hours.
Let us know if you have special requests or questions!  If you are interested in buying wholesale, please email us.